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Layout course


6 hands-on practical classes

12 hour workload

Basic to advanced level

Includes a Scrapbook library and a visual guide booklet


LayOut is a powerful tool that comes with SketchUp Pro, and lets you create presentation and technical drawing boards with your SketchUp models. As a sort of CAD paperspace corel, you can create viewports of all your SketchUp scenes within LayOut, at the scale and style you want. Creating dimensions, details, leader lines is easy and fast, and it also allows export to DWG, PDF or images in high quality. By learning to use LayOut you will never need another software to assemble your boards.

SketchUp's LayOut course offers in six face-to-face classes all the content needed to create a technical board with a humanized floor plan, sections and facades, even furniture detailing. You'll learn how to create your own boards to use your pattern whenever you want, create import images directly from SketchUp and change them, and complement your drawings with dimensions, text and details. The material given on pen-drive consists of files that will be used in class, including a scrapbook library, files with technical drawing symbols, vegetation and others, which will be used in class, in your own notebook. You will learn in practice the four software modules:

No início do curso, passaremos por todas as ferramentas básicas de funcionamento do programa, mostrando como criar linhas, formas e criar um template de prancha que segue as normas da ABNT.


Você aprenderá a importar os modelos do SketchUp, diagramar o formato na prancha, alterar escala, estilo e hierarquia de linhas e o jeito mais simples de preparar seus arquivos para as pranchas.


Com a prancha montada e com desenhos, é hora de colocar textos, cotas, tabelas, detalhes e como extrair informações do modelo pelo próprio LayOut.



Os últimos arranjos de finalização conferem os títulos, detalhes de selos, detalhamento dos móveis e todas as maneiras de exportar as suas pranchas.

On your computer, your way

Using your own personal computer during classes, all test files, scrapbooks, templates and boards are yours to use later. No different systems or versions. The files and templates created stay with you, already configured correctly.

Afraid to install the software? No longer! At the beginning of the first class you will learn how to install the most current trial version of SketchUp 2019, so that you never need to call your IT friend again.

Make your projects in just one software

No more wasting time adapting the same project in several different software. Blueprints in CAD, 3D in Sketch and boards in Corel are in the past!

Using a BIM system within SketchUp you can generate your plans, sections and facades from the 3D model, without having to redraw each one. Did any element of the project change? The connection between files allows for quick updating.

Assembling technical drawing boards is very easy, configuring your stamps and boards with templates and autotext, allowing you to create PDFs with multiple pages instead of individual ones like in CAD.

Need to assemble a presentation board? Diagramming and editing shapes is simple and fast in LayOut!

What do I need to take?

Your material needed for the class will be just your notebook and mouse, you don't need to install anything or uninstall any previous version.

By confirming your registration, you get the material, which includes a pen-drive with all the files you need for classes and a library of scrapbooks, as well as an illustrated visual guide booklet, designed to answer configuration questions during your work.

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