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SketchUp Course

for architecture

9 hands-on practical classes

Total of 18 hours

Basic to advanced level

Includes flash-drive block library and a visual guide booklet


closed classes

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SketchUp is the most used 3D modeling software in the world, and the most intuitive tool for architects, designers, students, woodworkers to create their 3D designs quickly and simply. The software's simplicity, however, contains a powerful creation potential, which allows you to create from furniture models to entire neighborhoods, using scenes and styles to show all the details of the project.

The SketchUp for Architecture course offers in nine face-to-face classes all the content you need to create your architectural project from scratch, creating walls, window frames, terrain with contour lines and vegetation, and adding furniture. You will learn how to create quality optimized models that can generate perspectives, plans, renders, be exported to other programs, printed in 3D and laser cut. The material given on pen-drive consists of a library of furniture blocks and files that will be used in class, in your own notebook. You will learn in practice the four software modules:

No início do curso, instalaremos a versão atual do SketchUp e veremos a área de trabalho, barras de ferramentas e os atalhos do teclado, incluindo criando novos atalhos e um template personalizado.


Iniciando a construção do modelo a partir de linhas 2D e subindo geometria 3D, passaremos por conceitos de sólidos, grupos, e plugins para criar a base do modelo.


Com o modelo feito, você aprenderá a refinar detalhes, inserindo esquadrias mais detalhadas, paisagismo no terreno em nível e criando cenas, texturas e layers.



Com o modelo pronto e detalhado, é hora de criar o objeto final, as perspectivas, os cortes, a exportação para outros tipos de mídia e criação de imagens rápidas e de qualidade dentro do próprio SketchUp.

On your computer, your way

Using your own personal computer during class, all test files, textures and blocks are yours for later use. No different systems or versions. The created shortcuts and templates stay with you, already configured correctly.

Afraid to install the software? No longer! At the beginning of the first class you will learn how to install the most current trial version of SketchUp 2019, so that you never need to call your IT friend again.

What do I need to take?

Your material needed for the class will be just your laptop and mouse, you don't need to install anything or uninstall any previous version.

By confirming your registration, you get the material, which includes a flash drive with all the files needed for the classes and a library of blocks and textures, as well as an illustrated visual guide booklet, designed to answer configuration questions during your work.

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